“Dr. John Marshall listens to his patients, and believes it is time to create a more personalized experience, with an emphasis on prevention and proactive healthcare.”  


24/7 Access

Our services have been designed to make it easy for you to receive the care that you need. This means that we value your time and have modified the way you access Dr. Marshall.  This creates unparalleled access, including your physician’s cell phone, after hours emergencies, email, and skype virtual visits.
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Premier Services

Scottsdale Premier Care offers the most advanced non-invasive diagnostic equipment and methods available today.  Although this breakthrough technology exists, insurance companies do not cover most of it, and patients typically do not receive testing needed to discover health risks invisible in traditional medical evaluations.
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Personalized Care

We are dedicated to providing our members with exceptional care and a remarkable healthcare experience. To do so, we are limiting our practice to 300 members vs. 3,000 patients, a number typically seen in most traditional practices.  Scottsdale Premier Care members will benefit from longer appointment times, same day, next day appointments, no excessive waiting, virtual visits (using Skype), house calls, and more.
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How Do I Join?

Our membership is for services not covered by insurance and for the unparalleled access and care from your physician.  Our service is not an insurance product. We do accept insurance to pay for covered services. Although Insurance has a role to play, we don’t believe insurance companies should be the ones deciding what kind of care you do or do not need.  The path to optimal health, is on your terms!
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