• Do You Accept Insurance?
    Yes. Insurance is accepted.  We accept and use insurance as you would in a typical medical practice.  This is a service that we offer as a convenience to you our members, so that you do not have a process your claims.  Co-pays and deductibles are still the responsibility of the the member and our practice is legally required by the insurance company to collect these fees.
  • Do I still need Insurance if I become a member?
      Yes.  Our service is not an insurance product.  We do accept insurance to pay for covered services.  Our membership is for services not covered by insurance.  Although insurance has a role to play, we don’t believe insurance companies should be the ones deciding what kind of care you do or do not need.
  • Is this practice a good fit for people who are ill or seniors?
    Yes. We do emphasize preventative and proactive care, but we also believe it’s almost never too late to benefit from this kind of approach.  One of our goals is to help our patients navigate the barriers and unpleasantness sometimes associated with our health care system.  For people with complex or chronic diseases, we often assume a role of advocate or guide coordinating the health care providers that may be involved with your care.
  • What happens when my doctor is on vacation?
    When your physician is on vacation or attending a continuing medical education course, a covering physician will be available.
  • Can I contact you anytime?
    Yes. When you join the practice, you can contact us anytime in a number of different ways: phone, email, text.  We can even coordinating a video chat if needed.
  • Will an HSA Cover My Membership Fee
    Yes.  Your membership fee is for non-covered medical services and we can provide you with information that should allow you to receive reimbursement.  As always, we encourage you consult your tax advisor with additional questions.
  • Will you make house calls?
    Yes. We make house calls when they are medically necessary. If your circumstances require numerous house calls, please raise that issue with us, and we can discuss developing a customized membership for you.
  • Will you still see me in the hospital?
    Yes. While our goal is to keep you out of the hospital, if that need arises we will work with your hospitalist to coordinate care.
Still have questions?  Contact us at 602.443.1085