We are dedicated to providing our members with exceptional care and a remarkable healthcare experience, to do so we are limiting our practice to 300 members vs. 3,000 patients, a number typically seen in most traditional practices.

In addition, Scottsdale Premier Care members will receive:

  • Annual aging evaluation measuring hormones,biomarkers and nutrition.
  • Comprehensive genetic testing.
  • Cardiovascular Assessment using the Bale & Doneen Method.
  • Economic analysis of current prescriptions and other medical expenses, minimizing out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Access to your Personal Health Records (PHR).
  • Development of an optimal wellness plan.
  • Coordinating visits to specialist’s offices.
  • Virtual Consultations via Skype, eMail, Text.
  • 24-hour access to Dr. Marshall.

Membership Fee:

Individual $2,500
Couple $4,500

**Option for Monthly Installments Available upon Request**

Still have questions?

We hope that we have answered your questions, but if we haven’t we welcome you to contact us at:
Phone: 602.443.1085
Fax: 602.443-1086