What does Optimal Wellness look like to you?

For some of our members optimal wellness may include running a marathon or going for a hike on Camelback Mountain?  Regardless of where you are starting in your journey, each member is met with acceptance.  If you are interested in creating a healthier you, we want to help.  Dr. Smith, our dedicated Health Coach will collaborate with Dr. Marshall  on developing the lifestyle components of your plan.

Dr. Marshall’s analysis of your individualized results from your advanced cardiovascular labs, genetic testing and hormone levels will help you establish realistic benchmarks on your optimal wellness journey.   He will create and present your written plan, during your follow-up visit to your physical.  This personalized wellness guide will serve as a form of mutual accountability and allow us both to recognize your progress throughout the year.

By following your Optimal Wellness plan each year, you will move closer to the vibrant life you envisioned.