Our mission at Scottsdale Premier Care is to provide you with a remarkable healthcare experience and it all starts with listening.  We have designed our services based on the way we would want to deliver care to our family members, by simply providing you with healthcare on your terms.  That means multiple ways to access your physician, a dedicated medical team, and the appropriate tests that will provide you with the information that you need to create a path to optimal health.

Dr. John Marshall has been delivering concierge style medicine in a traditional medical environment for years, but with the demands of the system to see more patients in less time he knew it was time to listen to his patients and create a more personalized experience through Premier Care.

Our services have been designed to make it easy for you to receive the care that you need.  This means that we value your time and have modified the way you access Dr. Marshall, so that it’s easier for you.

Easy For You

In an effort to allow you to receive care virtually, we will provide the following visit options:



We feel that your time is important to us.  When you schedule an appointment you will be seen on time by Dr. Marshall with no waiting.


When medically necessary we will provide you with a one on one consultation with video conferencing.  This will allow Dr. Marshall and his team to see the rash, watery eyes or other symptoms that you may be experiencing that don’t require you to come into our office.


Often times our members have questions that can be answered over email without the hassle of leaving the office and driving to our office.  Dr. Marshall and his team will be able to answer your email questions, throughout the day.


You will now have access to Dr. Marshall’s cell phone for after hours calls.  As always, if you have a medical emergency he will ask you to go to the hospital.  For those times that are less urgent, a call to Dr. Marshall during the night may help you determine if a visit to the office is the next step.

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